Latest work

Summer 50x90cm acrylic on canvas 2021

For several years I have been sourcing my inspiration and even most of my materials from my immediate environment of sea and shore. I would grind my own pigments from rocks and clays, mixing them with oil and water based media.

But recently I have been returning to the bright saturated colours of commercially bought paints, and using them to recreate the brilliant colours of the sun on the richness of wild flowers on the cliffs, the patterns of the millennial history of the rocks exposed by the sea, the lights of storm or sunset on the waves…

To quote the painter John Hoyland: Paintings… are an equivalent to nature, not an illustration.

A short video about my current directions and inspirations is available on the ‘About’ page.

Summer 2 50x90cm acrylic on canvas 2021
Green and Magenta 56x75cm acrylic 2022
Littoral Energy 56x75cm acrylic 2022
Shoreline Rocks 2 56×75 acrylic & mixed 2001
Banner 120x76cm 3D collage, moulded & flat paper 2022
Green Zigzag 22x22cm oil on canvas 2008 reworked 2021
Pink Rings 22x22cm oil on canvas 2008, reworked 2021

Recent work (to 2020)

The following 3 pieces were painted with locally sourced and ground pigments.

Rocks & Bitumen mixed media on paper, 75x57cm, 2020
Yellow mudstone with oils canvas on board 40x40cm 2018 reworked 2020
Pink Flow mixed media on canvas 56x76cm 2020

Recent 3D work

My 3D pieces are constructed from local plants and recycled rubbish collected from local beaches.

Three cordage vessels, max size 12cm, 2018
Baskets, natural media and salvaged cordage, max size 12cm, 2018-20
4 wall pieces, wood and found materials, max length 95cm, 2019/20